Dunker Contact Printer in the DigiCamHistory.Com Museum

Interior of Dunker contact printer.  Printer paper feeds automatically when hinged boeard on top is pressed downward.
manually moved for each new photo to be printed.   Bulb on left is used for viewing placement of film, bulb on right for exposure.

Photo on the left shows the film feed method.  Photo right shows contact pin (upper left) that is automatically pressed when hinged board is pushed downward.

Photos above show closeup view of contact pin mechanism.

Photos above show rubber-tipped locking devices that allow paper to move forward, but keep it in place while photo is being printed.

Left phto shows tip of upper board in slot of paper movement device.  When board is pressed downward it pushes the paper movement device to the left.

The Dunker contact printer was an ingenius mechanism designed to rapidly produce numerous contact prints far faster than any other contact printer on the market.